I love these things. I have pets so I am always afraid pet hair or dander might get on my toothbrush. With the pod on it I know it's always clean.  -Theresa (Amazon User)



steripod toothbrush protector - for home, travel and the gym!

steripod clip-on toothbrush protector fits any standard or electric

toothbrush and keeps your toothbrush smelling fresh and clean

for up to 3 months using a patented design with "freshening vapours"


how it works:

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective! - That is

exactly the case with steripod!  The steripod toothbrush protector provides a physical barrier to environmental contamination... with "freshening vapours" to keep your toothbrush smelling fresh and clean!


A Physical Barrier That Protects On the Go!.

No matter where you travel with your toothbrush, steripod is there with a patented design which helps keep your toothbrush clean at home, when traveling, and at the gym!


Patented design with "Freshening Vapours".

Enclosed inside each steripod toothbrush protector is a laboratory formulated thymol compound. The compound is encapsulated in plastic with small holes that allow the thymol vapours to escape and surround your brush bristles. Its these freshening vapours that keep your brush smelling fresh and clean. The entire steripod is shipped sealed in a high quality enclosure - ensuring that the compound is not activated [by air flow] before you unwrap. All you have to do is clip steripod on your brush! - you'll love the no-hassle approach of steripod.


Bathrooms can be a hotbed for environmental contaminants!

A growing body of research shows that your bathroom  can be a hotbed of many kinds of environmental contaminants and steripod provides outstanding physical protection


Simply clip it on and you're done!

The steripod is ready to use out of the package - simply clip it on your electric or manual toothbrush and you're done! Dont Forget! Replace your steripod and your toothbrush every three months...








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